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Best Battery Life. Smartphone Performance When Used By Real People. Check Out Now The Q4 2022

Best Battery Life. Smartphone Performance When Used By Real People. Check Out Now The Q4 2022

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, phone battery life is a major deciding factor for many people. After all, having a phone that can last all day without needing to be charged is incredibly convenient. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to compare battery life between different devices since there are so many variables that can affect it. This is why it’s important to test your smartphone’s battery performance to determine which device offers the best battery life.

Why we publish this data?

We believe that everyone should have the power to make informed decisions when buying a new smartphone. And this includes including also the phone’s battery life performance.

It seems like most phone manufacturers try to create confuse you when they launch a new phone. Why do I feel this? Each year they release a huge number of smartphone models with similar names, designs, and even specifications. For example, in 2022, Samsung launched 29 models, each with 3 to 9 sub-models. They promote data like Battery capacity in mAh or maximum talking hour in lab conditions. Unfortunately, these are partially useful. The battery capacity is not directly related to phone autonomy, since it depends on many factors like chipset model (and its consumption), screen size, connectivity type, operating systems potential issues, or 3rd party apps.

This is why we’ll periodically publish Phone Battery Life results, when used in real life, based on 100% anonymous, crowd-sourced data.


  • over 30 K unique phones and over 1000 phone models
  • Reporting period: 1 Oct – 31 Dec 2022
  • Battery autonomy definition: how long it will last from 100% to 0%, with a normal usage profile

Battery Benchmark results

Top 5 Phones with the Best Battery Autonomy

High-end models (price bigger than $600)

RankingSmartphones modelBattery autonomy
1Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986U)1.3 days (30.3 hours)
2Samsung Note 10+ (SM-N975U)1.1 days (27.9 hours)
3Samsung S20 FE 5G (SM-G781U)16 hours
4Samsung S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G998U1)14 hours
5Samsung S22 Ultra 5G (SM-S908U)12 hours

Mid-range (price $200-$600)

RankingSmartphones modelBattery autonomy
1Samsung A12 (SM-A125F)4.9 days(119 hours)
2Xiaomi Redmi Mi9 (M2004J19C)3.9 days (94hours)
3Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (M2003J6B2G)3.4 days (82.8 hours)
4LG Stylo 6 (LM-Q730)1.5 days(36.3 hours)
5Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 (XT2215-1)1.2 days (29.7 hours)
6Samsung A22 5G (SM-A226B)1.1 days (27.7 hours)
7Samsung A71 (SM-A715F)1 day (24.5 hours)
8Samsung A51 (SM-A515F)19 hours
9OnePlus Nord N20 5G (GN2200)18.7 hours
10Samsung A21S (SM-A217F)17.9 hours

Budget phones (price range less than 200$)

RankingSmartphones modelBattery autonomy
1Realme C11(RMX3231) 1.91 days (46 hours)
2Samsung A13 5G (SM-S136DL)1.81 days (43.2 hours)
3Samsung A11 (SM-A115U)1.6 days (38.8 hours)
4Samsung A03 Core(SM-A032F)1.4 days (34.4 hours)
5Samsung A02 (SM-A022F)1.3 days (32.8 hours)
6Motorola One 5G Ace(XT2113-2)1.3 days (31.2 hours)
7Samsung A12 (SM-A125U)1.3 days (30.2 hours)
8JioPhone Next (LS1542QWN)1.2 days (29.9 hours)
9Samsung A03s1.2 days (28.7 hours)
10Moto G Stylus 5G (2021) (XT2131)1.1 days (26 hours)

Want to find out and compare your smartphone battery autonomy? Just download Zinny, let it analyze in the background for 2 – 3 days, and check the results.

Disclaimer & Limitations

  • This top does not include all the existing smartphones, but only the ones that have installed the Zinny app and agree to share anonymous data.
  • The results reflect only the devices that had installed the app and don’t reflect all the phones with that model.
  • In our analysis, we’ve observed that high-end phones are used more intensively vs mid-range or budget phones. Due to this, battery autonomy can’t be compared between categories.

For Battery tests, benchmarks, and much more, just download Zinny

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